Fast Bird Delivery can provide all this and so much more…

At Fast Bird Delivery, we provide a low cost, reliable, local, shorthaul and national courier distribution service across key cities and villages across Bahrain; from Muharraq to Askar and most places in between.

The simple act of getting your parcels from A to B shouldn’t be rocket science, that’s why at Fast Bird Delivery, we offer a simplified service; there are no complicated formulas, multiple weight breaks or messy con notes to complete… in fact our courier pricing structure is completely transparent.

Fast Bird Delivery services
We’re your friendly courier experts

We are the domestic courier specialists. Whether you need a parcel couriered across town or across the country, our cost-effective, friendly courier service will save you time and money.

Fast Bird Delivery’s prepaid courier label system enables our customers to enjoy savings on their usual freight costs, as well as providing a simple system free of any extra paperwork or add-on charges. For medium to high volume senders, we also have an electronic freight system.

We know our customers are time-poor, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up home internet business running out of Aunt Fatima’ garage or a large multinational in an impressive glass building, we have a freight solution to suit just about everyone.

Our easy, economical, no fuss courier service will free you up to focus on your core business and your customers.