Everything you have to know:

Our Mission:
Fast Bird Delivery W.L.L focuses on achieving outstanding performance in customer satisfaction, service quality, and profitability while creating an exciting, challenging and rewarding environment for all employees.

Ways of Delivery:
Delivery Cars

Working Hours:
Saturday to Thursday – Friday off

Our Services:
Door to Door Delivery
Food Delivery
Documents Delivery
Invitation Cards Delivery
Distributing products over branches

Terms and Conditions:

Rule [1] – These conditions shall govern and apply to all services provided by Fast Bird Deliver W.L.L.. Clients who use Fast Bird Deliver W.L.L. should read, understand and agree on all the terms and conditions. Fast Bird Delivery shall not be bound by any agreement which varies from these conditions, unless such agreement is in writing and signed by an authorized officer of Fast Bird Delivery. In the absence of such written agreement, these conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between Fast Bird Delivery and each of its customers. NO employee of Fast Bird Delivery shall have the authority to alter or waive these terms and conditions, except as stated herein.

Rule [2] – The service charges of the delivery is paid by the Client (sender), it will be automatically deducted from the total amount stored with Fast Bird Delivery in the Client’s account. If the Client claimed that the receiver will pay the delivery charge, and upon the delivery the receiver refused, the delivery charge will be deducted from the Clients account. This is applicable for the rejected items, as the delivery charges will be deducted once the order is out for delivery. FBD shall not be liable for any returned items from customers in case they did not take the order in full.

Rule [3] FBD will deliver and collect money exactly as entered in the online / mobile application form and if any changes our Sales should be informed.

Rule [4] FBD reserves the right to refuse any documents or parcels from any person, firm, or company at its own discretion

Rule [5] FBD reserves the right to abandon carriage of any shipment at any time after acceptance when such shipment could possibly cause damage or delay to other shipments, equipment or personnel, or when any such carriage is prohibited by law or is in violation of any of the rules contained herein.

Rule [6]FBD reserves the right to open and inspect any shipment consigned by a customer to ensure that it is capable of carriage to the state or country of destination within the standard customs procedures and handling methods of Fast Bird Delivery. In exercising this right, Fast Bird Delivery does not warrant that any particular item to be carried is capable of carriage, without infringing the law of any country or state through which the item may be carried.

Rule [7] FBD will be responsible for the customer’s shipment only while it is within Fast Bird Delivery’s custody and control. Fast Bird Delivery shall not be liable for loss or damage of a shipment while shipment is out of Fast Bird Delivery’s custody or control.

Rule [8] – All orders should be placed in the system before 10 AM. If you make a request during the day, it will directly be scheduled for next day to be collected and will be delivered the next day after receiving the order. Please notify us if orders are not collected in the agreed date and the end of the day before 8 PM.

IF the sender did not put order number / business name with full address on the package FBD will not send the order for delivery.

Rule [9] – Lost Packages will be refunded with maximum BD 25, unless the client paid the insurance. By then the client will be fully refunded for the package.

Rule [10] – For a full refund, the clients shall pay, upon the request for the delivery, 10% of the total price of the package. Just if done, FBD will guarantee a full refund of the package, only in case of lost packages.

Rule [11] – It is the responsibility of the client to select the appropriate service charge to deliver their packages.

Rule [12] – Packages exceeding 30cm x 30cm and/or 5 kg, its service automatically will be changed to be delivered by car, and will charge the client the service charge of a car delivery, even if the package was collected by a motorbike.

Rule [13] – When choosing Fragile Packages Delivery, it is the responsibility of the client to properly place the items in a safe packaging. The client should agree to open the package to show it to the delivery agent upon the collection of the package, and both should sign on fragile items form that will be attached to the package by the delivery agent.

Rule [14] – FBD shall not be liable for any damages to fragile item that is sent to be delivery through any delivery service other than Fragile Packages Delivery.

Rule [15] – The packaging of the customer’s documents or goods for transportation is the customer’s sole responsibility, including the placing of the goods or documents in any container which may be supplied by the customer to Fast Bird Delivery. Fast Bird Delivery accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to documents or goods caused by inadequate or inappropriate packaging. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to address adequately each consignment of documents or goods to enable effective delivery to be made. Fast Bird Delivery shall not be liable for delay in forwarding or delivery resulting from the customer’s failure to comply with its obligations in this respect.


The customer is liable for all losses, damages and expenses arising as a result of its failure to comply with its obligations under this agreement as a result of its negligence.

Bank Policy:

– Amounts collected from customers will be deposited in your bank account in three working days upon request.

– To request the collected money, you must choose the service to send money from the mobile app and will be charged BD 0.500 fils each time. “

– We do not determine nor specify the time of delivery unless the delivery service is on the same day.

– Morning delivery service is available only for food items starting from 10 AM.

– International Orders: The sender is liable to pay the delivery charge since there is no money collection for international orders. FBD will not accept shipping of liquid items.

For free all packages sent through Fast Bird Delivery W.L.L internationally or local insured for Max of BD 10 , to have more advance insurance we charge 5% of the total price of package value.

If the receiver did not receive the goods for one reason or another, the sender is given a choice one of the following:

– A re-schedule of the delivery commensurate with the delivery schedule of the company (will be free of charge for one time) taking into consideration that the period will increase from the one specified in the request.
– Return the goods to the sender at a later time commensurate with the delivery schedule of the company, this service is free of charge.
– Re-prompt for the goods to the sender, and will be charged an additional extra fees.

 Fast Bird Delivery Working Hours:
We are operating 24/6, but the delivery 
hours are from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days a week (Friday official holiday)

If an insurance is required for the delivered products,there will be extra charges and it should be mentioned in the application form.

Packing and labeling:

Our Vehicles:





















Our Uniform: