Welcome to the Contending with Record of Undergraduate Competition

Ourselves and facing History shows us to take into account the world in a brand new means, lighting a chat about how exactly we can build a culture clear of bigotry, antisemitism, intimidation, and violence of most kinds.

This competition encourages learners to reflect heroes, on the designs, and controls from Harper Lee’s vintage American book, To Kill a Mockingbird. in order to create contacts to their own experiences.

Student Scholarships Prizes

Graduating seniors qualify 500 W, for that $2. Ferencz Scholarship permitted from the Planethood Base. Five Upstander Awards that are BUCKS500 will also be fond of individuals in 7th-12th grade.

New Merit Included! One pupil will be chosen for amp, the Harper Lee Memorial Award the Lee Memorial Award $1,000 Grant. This award can identify students style that proves exceptional thematic relevance in her respect.

Qualification: Individuals have to be at the very least 13 years and inhabitants of the United States to participate. See the tournament FAQs to find out more.

Teacher Class Awards Resources

Check-out rsquo, Facing History’s Training Mockingbird assortment. Your assets for training To Eliminate a Mockingbird connect contemporary dilemmas and significant styles of justice and morality.

Get the whole tournament schedule and rules. Understand how essays will be evaluated, and the way the public is likely to be welcomed to assist determine the success.

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In To Eliminate a Mockingbird. Search Finch, a new white woman growing up in Al is compelled to question her area’s spoken and unspoken rules when her dad confirms to protect a black guy falsely accused of a crime. Jem, her buddy and she, struggle to establish their details to the beliefs of these little, segregated Southern town in partnership.